Packs of Chihuahuas Terrorize the Countryside? Are you Serious?!

I was talking to some people the other day about the domestication of dogs, and one person brought up Chihuahuas. I read a long time ago that feral Chihuahua packs roamed Mexico and some central-southern states as Nevada and New Mexico. While I had never actually seen such packs I had heard of them as well while I was in those areas.

So, I decided to do some research on this little tidbit of information to see if there was a such thing as these packs, (if so) where they were located, and if they attacked humans. Do they? Well, yes and no. First, some background.

Chihuahuas are considered a domesticated breed, as Mayans (specifically the Toltec) had tamed them many thousands of years ago from a type of dog called the Techichi. The Techichi were a vicious pint-sized pack animal, more similar to today’s Chihuahua than not. It is believed that when settlers arrived from the New World, the native Techichi bred with a new world dog of about the same size to produce the Chihuahuas we have today.

Are there packs of wild Chihuahuas running around Mexico and other parts of desert-ish America terrorizing the wildlife? Probably not, at least not in America. If there are any wild Chihuahuas running around they’re probably in Southern Mexico and more than likely a group of pre-domesticated now-feral modern Chihuahuas. As far as can been known, the original Techichi no longer exist.

Which brings us to our final question: Do these packs, pre-domesticated or not, still attack humans? The Feral ones do not exist in sufficient numbers to do damage to humans or wildlife like their ancestors. However, semi-domesticated chihuahuas have been known to attack humans when kept in significant quantities. The largest pack of these was about 170 dogs and were kept on a piece of residential property by the owner of the dogs (the dogs were later impounded by Animal Care & Control).

The final verdict is that the original Techichi packs from which modern Chihuahuas are descended from probably no longer exist, while the few packs that do are mostly pre-domesticated dogs that collected together into feral groups. These groups have been known to both protect their human masters and attack other humans in groups.

Official “Are you Serious?!” meter:
3.5/5 – Mostly Dog-gone Serious




~ by imitationlogic on November 5, 2009.

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